Material    Plastic
Interface Type    3.5mm
Release Year    2019
CPU    Digital
Storage    N/A
Other Functions    SONY a most trusted brand across the globe serves you with the wide range of Electronic gadgets for every need on ever move. Introducing the MDR-XB450 with Advanced Direct Vibe Structure and power-packed 30mm driver units for delivering hard-hitting bass, 24/7. The flat folding design and tangle-free serrated cord will make you want to take them everywhere you go. Extra Bass in vivid colours Perfectly matching up to your kind of music & style Experience the power of Extra Bass Each pair of XB450, gives you Extra Bass No matter what music you play, it will leave you grooving Shine your Metals Let the world see the stylish side of you with XB450. Flaunt its stylish Metallic finish in the colour of your choice. Store it right The sleek, folding design not only lets you carry your music anywhere, it makes an elegant statement too.
Product Dimension    5 x 5 x 4 cm
Packing List    1
Features    Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music(EDM) 30 mm closed, dynamic driver unit for powerful EXTRA BASS sound
Seller        en Gate Enteprises

Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (WHITE)

₹1,596.00 Regular Price
₹798.00Sale Price
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