STAND STRONG    Get crisper shots with this durable, lightweight mini tripod black with white strips. The rubberized foot grips and wrap able legs will secure professional cameras upto 2.2lbs weight as they hold their stance to any viable surface.
MADE TO LAST    - This mini tripod /mini tripod gorilla with mobile holder is made of durable medical-grade ABS plastic, stainless steel, and German TPE, it’s made for the wear and tear of everyday life, or the rigor of adventure.
STURDY BASE    - With this mini tripod stand for mobile you can capture the best scenes without any shakiness and capture steady images & videos on any type of surface.
CAPTURE SUPERIOR PERSPECTIVES    - Look at life from a different point of view with this mini tripod 10 inch . Easy maneuverability and precise positioning with 360 degree panning, to expand the range of shots you can capture.
Sturdy and rough    This tripod can easily handle 10-15 times of its weight. The rubberized ring and footgrips keep your gear standing strong, or you can utilize the octopus style tripod to wrap around almost any structure, from fences to trees, so you can take it virtually anywhere.
For long use    First of all loosen all the joints to smooth-en the flexibility. This is important as it will make sure that your tripod will last long.
Method to use    Use the universal ¼-20 screw to attach your camera to the standard tripod mount. If you are using mobile, first attach the phone holder with the tripod, and then hold the phone inside the phone holder. On addition to this you also get bluetooth remote, which you can use to command your phone for different camera actions.
Brand    Starford
Seller    SR Gadget

Starford Gorilla Tripod 10 Inch for Mobiles with Mobile Holder & Bluetooth Remot

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